The perfect unit order picking solution

SKYPOD, a game-changing solution

In the digital age, logistics is strategic and key to service differentiation.
To meet the challenges of the 4.0 economy, traditional logistics centres cannot compete by simply putting in more staff.
In systems with significant growth and peaks, I cannot foresee my future in years to come, so I need a system that allows me to evolve with my business.
In changing environments, flexibility is the key to success.

SKYPOD, a unique solution worldwide

A fleet of mobile robots that climb shelves to bring you the product you need.
The product-to-operator principle ensures maximum productivity of the centre.
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They have already adopted the SKYPOD system, among others

Where do we apply SKYPOD

In any system involving unit picking with a need for flexibility and scalability

SKYPOD offers you

Compact System

Maximum Flexibility

Scalability and Adaptability

Ergonomics & Sustainability

High Performance

No Bottlenecks

No Surges

Minimal Risks

Fast Implementation

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The SKYPOD solution

The robot
Operator’s station
The system

Make a difference, get your Skypod!

The optimal solution in unit order preparation.

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