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Dexter: from the latin appropiate, timely.

What do we do?

We bring you the world’s most advanced intralogistics technologies for the best value-added solutions in your warehouse and supply chain.

Our vision

We offer you the optimal solution for you and your future with the best available technologies. 
Your satisfaction is our mission.
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#The art of intralogistics

We apply

Intelligent Automation

Know How

Optimal Cost (ROI)







Ergonomics & Sustainability

#The world is logistics

To define the best solutions, we use

Strategic analysis

Data analysis systems

Advanced support tools

Your Benefits

We find the best solution for every customer, company size does not matter

Flexible, reliable, efficient and smart systems future proofed

One-stop intralogistics partner

Buy or rent but use the best for you (PaaS)

Robot Autónomo
Solve your intralogistics digital challenge

Mobile Robot Intralogistic Solutions

Use the most advanced technology.

Join a great team!

We are looking for people who share our values and passion for intralogistics.
#Love robotics


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#The art of intralogistics

#Logistics 4.0

#Love automation

#Logistics everywhere

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